Wordless 43

Würzburg – 09. Februar 2012 – Residenz



42 thoughts on “Wordless 43

  1. Wow…is that cold in Germany? Very nice pictures :D. The best part of winter is that you have the occasion to see stuff like this, but the freezing weather makes me want to stay home all day. 😀

    • Oh yessss! I wish I could stay home all the time, I hate the cold lol Actually it s -10c with an icy wind…brrrr..But it worth it to go out a bit to see these frozen beauties 😀

  2. Another day to be inspired by your captured images. The melting snow covering the object made me reflect on a lot of thinks..one of them is that there’s always hope like the melting of the snow until the object is finally free. Best wishes and Thank you.

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