Inhumane cruelty – declawing cats

I am still shocked about how often people are declawing their cats (even dogs) in the USA or Canada.

Declawing has been illegal in England, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Wales, Finland and Brazil for several years. They will only allow it under extreme circumstances.

So dear cat owners, why the hell you want to declaw your cat? I asked this question a hundred times and here is the stupid answer: Because the cat is so gently after and doesn’t scratch anything!

Why are you getting a cat, when you think like this? Of course cats are scratching things from time to time. They need to climb up on anything and so on. This is normal and if you don’t like them this way, don’t get one! Have you ever thought how cruel and painful it is for cats to get declawed? I don’t think so. It is not like trimming their nails because the claw is tightly attached to the bone, some bone in the cat’s paw actually has to be removed. Same like I would cut off your fingertips!

How would you feel without your fingertips? Often this people told me, it is better for their health to be declawed. Oh my god, do you really believe this shit? It is dangerous, cruel and painful. So please stop doing this!

The cat can’t defend itself or climb on a tree to escape if for example a dog is attacking.  Have you ever thought about how painful it is to use the litter box for them? When they try to dig in the litter they feel the pain, so they might go to “use” the floor or so instead of it!

When you declaw your cat, think of what can happen:

Abscess, Altered gait (eventually leading to arthritis), Bleeding, Claw will grow again, Cystitis (from stress), Infection, Lethargy, Long-term pain, Permanent tissue or nerve damage, Prolonged lameness

Dr. Nicholas Dodman, author of “The Cat Who Cried for Help,” has this to say about declawing: 

The inhumanity of the procedure is clearly demonstrated by the nature of cats’ recovery from anesthesia following the surgery. Unlike routine recoveries, including recovery from neutering surgeries, which are fairly peaceful, declawing surgery results in cats bouncing off the walls of the recovery cage because of excruciating pain.  Declawing fits the dictionary definition of mutilation to a tee. Words such as deform, disfigure, disjoint, and dismember all apply to this surgery. Partial digital amputation is so horrible that it has been employed for torture of prisoners of war, and in veterinary medicine, the clinical procedure serves as model of severe pain for testing the efficacy of analgesic drugs. Even though analgesic drugs can be used postoperatively, they rarely are, and their effects are incomplete and transient anyway, so sooner or later the pain will emerge.”

No need for this cruel practice! Why don’t you only trim the tips of the claws? Or get a blanket on your furniture? I am also not a fan of Soft Paws or something like that. It might be okay for a few days, but not further.

You should better think about which pet you get and if it will match with your lifestyle. No matter if it is a cat, a dog, a horse or a bird. If you can’t afford them a species- appropriate husbandry you should not get one. I had 3 wonderful cats on my own and I would have never done this to them.

Thanks for reading this blog post and I hope you will take care better of your pets than this people did and are still doing.

On both pictures you can see my Blacky. He was so amazing and really tall for a cat (36 cm high, 100 cm length!).  A real heartbreaker.


8 thoughts on “Inhumane cruelty – declawing cats

  1. More people need to read this. America is a completely messed up and retarded country compared to the rest of the civilised world especially when it comes to animals. Declawing is maiming.

      • Yeah! A law should be done…that’s a great idea. Unfortunatelly, declawing a cat is one of the most insignificant thing that I heard about people doing…and setting a cat on fire is the worse :(…I don’t want to creep you out..sorry..but there are crazy ppl who can be that cruel…they don’t have a soul..:-|

      • I know 😦 At least it is forbidden to declaw in most parts of Europe & one of my friends from Canada didnt do it to his cat, even tho his mom wanted it. I m proud he said no.

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