Heart Attack – Tips what you can do then

It can happen to anyone of us, not only to old people. So what can you do, if you are getting a heart attack? An example:

After a long day at work you are on your way back home. There is no one else on this street. Suddenly there is a shooting pain starting in your chest, goes on quickly into your arms and even into your face. The next hospital is just a few minutes away, but you don’t believe you can make it there on your own.

How can you survive this heart attack when you are all alone? Without help you have only around 10 seconds until you fall senseless. So what you can do now?

Start to cough immediately, as often as possible. Take a deep breath before the next cough! It has to be so intense as if you want to get slime up from your chest. Repeat it until your heart acts again normal.

The deep breath brings oxygen in your lungs. The cough pushes your heart and keeps the blood circulating. You should be able now to reach the hospital or to call an emergency doctor.

Tell everyone about this, you could save a life with this knowledge! Most people are on their own while it happens, so please pass it to all of your family and friends!

Love & Light, Frauke


7 thoughts on “Heart Attack – Tips what you can do then

  1. Wow, I didn’t know that, thanks for this most helpful advice. Nobody knows who will get a heart attack and it’s very neccessary to be prepared.
    Best wishes,

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