Why Buddhism?

There are several religions, but there is just one peaceful – the Buddhism. I have learned much about different religions in the past last years.

But in every other there is a “Sin” and list of things you have to do to be a good “member”.  The Buddhism knows only guidelines. Of course, the monks have a lot of them and they have chosen to live after that.

There is no “God” that will clear you from all your “Sins” or you can pray to.  Everything is root and effect (Karma). When you think and act in a positive way every day, you will get positive things back. If you act rude or selfish, there will be no satori (enlightenment) for you.

The “ordinary” Buddhist is trying to live every single day mindful. Buddhism knows no praying, but meditations are important to set yourself to a higher (spiritual) level.

The 4 noble truths are the scaffold of the Buddhism–à Life is misery, but there is a way to leave misery behind.

–          The truth about misery: everything is misery and fading cause of root and effect (Karma)

–          Misery has a root-à desire/craving

–          Misery ends with the destruction of desire/craving

–          The way to end misery is the noble eightfold path

Important 5 guidelines:

–          Don’t kill

–          Don’t steal

–          “Sexual Awareness”  (Be mindful with your relations, don’t cheat or cause misery and so on)

–          Tell the truth

–          Stay away from drugs, alcohol and so on

So some of you will ask yourself now, what will happen, when I drink a glass of wine, smoke a cigarette or eat meat sometimes? Answer is easy: nothing. These guidelines are not written in stone, try to live after them, but it s no “Sin” if u “burst” them.  Of course it is really important, that you don’t kill, steal or take drugs and tell the truth. There is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol or smoke a few cigarettes from time to time.  There is just one thing you should think of: the “right” dose. Don’t extravagate. Meditation will help you to clear your thoughts and set yourself to a higher spiritual level.

How to become a Buddhist? There is no need to inscribe to one of the different Buddhist schools or ways.  Everyone can be a good Buddhist. “Believe in things you have proofed for yourself as the truth” is the most important message of Buddhism. But if you like to take part on official meditations or want a ceremony to become an “official” Buddhist. Just do it! It s your life and everyone has an own way to be enlightened. There is just one thing about I disagree with Buddhism: I still believe, that every animal, every human, every being has a soul.

I have chosen the “Diamond Way” for myself. Meaning for the daily grind: “Live as you are Buddha until you become Buddha”.  Every being can be enlightened. You will find the Diamond Way especially in Tibet. It also was Mongolian State Religion.

This was just a summery. If you have any questions about, feel free to ask me. 

Light and Love, Frauke


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