Meat eater, vegetarian or vegan?

Food is an important theme. To eat Fast food or bio, meat or no meat, that is the question.

For several years I was a vegetarian. I could not eat meat cause of the poor animal that had to give it s life for me. As you know I m a Buddhist, so I should not kill or eat meat.  Buddhism also says: If you can’t live without meat, u should eat. BUT be mindful with. Be thankful for the animals that give their lives for you and care about that they had a good and species-appropriate life. In Tibet there would be no life without meat, so are they “bad” Buddhists now? NO! Also in Japan or China to eat meat is an important “social obligation”.

I think it s healthy to eat meat from time to time. Just pork I won’t eat, but I like chicken or beef. My body has shown to me, that it needs meat. I feel better since I eat it again. Not every day, sometimes only once a week. Medic says everyone needs 300 to 600 gram meat (for one week) to stay healthy.

Of course you can life without meat. But most of vegetarian or vegans don’t get enough vitamins and take pills to get them. That’s the wrong way in my opinion, when I eat the right mix of fruits, vegetables and meat I don’t need them.

I m sick of vegetarian or vegans that tell me I m a bad person, cause I eat it. I love animals, and I would never hurt or kill them (okay, except spiders…) and there s nothing wrong with eating meat.

Some of them are even so hard headed and told me not to eat a carrot or an apple, cause the apple is getting hurt, when it falls down and the carrot is getting hurt when it s picked out O_o

That’s my opinion and I m looking forward to get to know what you think about. Decide on your own what is best for you. Live and let live.

Love and Light, Frauke


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